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Welcome to the Tatum Residence Experience!! Featuring Saxophonist Isaiah T. Are you ready to party? Are you ready to experience more than just a show, but something you will forever cherish and adore? 

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 Introducing World Renowned Saxophonist Isaiah T.  Isaiah Tatum commenced playing the saxophone at the tender age of 10. He possesses a profound affection for this melodious instrument due to its ineffably smooth qualities. Throughout his illustrious career, Isaiah has had the privilege of embarking on tours alongside renowned musicians such as Celine Dion, Kenny G, Keith Sweat, Silk, 112, Jeffrey Osborne, Charlie Wilson, Toni Braxton, Tevin Campbell, and numerous other notable artists. His exceptional musical abilities have taken him across the globe, gracing stages with some of the industry's most prominent figures. Presently, Isaiah is diligently engaged in crafting his highly anticipated debut album. His debut single, "Hold Me Down," has dominated the charts, becoming #1 on Billboard Japan Hot 100. 

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Get in touch to learn more about Isaiah T, his music, and upcoming appearances. Also, if you are interested in booking Isaiah T, please contact us via email including all of the needed information in the email -- 

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